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This Weekend in Saint John (Feb 24-27)

Sorry, I thought this was posted yesterday.  For those waiting…

It is almost the weekend!  Are you looking forwad to it?  You should be.
Here is this weekend’s all-star lineup:


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Theatre on the Edge!

THEATRE ON THE EDGE – August 4-14, 2010

A summer favorite of mine for sure!  I will be once again volunteering for this fabulous Saint John Theatre Company festival and cannot wait to take in some of the shows.  Please find below the full schedule of events and if you decide to take in a show or two, say UptownGirlSJ referred you and I could end up with a TOTE prize!  Perhaps to then pass on to my followers in an online contest at the end of the festival. 🙂  

This is a summer must, so get out and experience the fabulous local talent from Saint John and Southern New Brunswick!

Back by popular demand, Theatre on the Edge will return for its eighth run this summer!  This festival continues to be an ever expanding showcase for theatrical talent in Southern New Brunswick. Events will run between August 4th & 14th & will present audiences with: locally written works including Out on the Edge and our Script Happens winning submissions, local music, improv comedy, & the regional premiere of Blowfish, a unique Canadian play that provides both a theatrical & culinary experience.


 Aug 4 (Wed): 7pm Script Happens (The Knitting Cycle, Piper’s Lament & The Job) – $12 (2 for $20)
Aug 5 (Thur): 7:30pm SJ225 Reunion 2010 Jazz on Princess – $15 (2 for $25) – tickets at Imperial
Aug 6 (Fri): 7pm Script Happens (The Knitting Cycle, Piper’s Lament & The Job) – $12 (2 for $20)
Aug 7 (Sat): 7pm Blowfish – $20 (2 for $35) // 9:30pm Comedy Death Match A-Go-Go – $12 (2 for $20)

Purchase one ticket for both Blowfish & Comedy Improv for only $25

 Aug 8 (Sun): 2pm Hardwire (performed by Notable Acts) – $15
Aug 11 (Wed): 7pm Blowfish – $20 (2 for $35)
Aug 12 (Thur): 7pm Script Happens (The Knitting Cycle, Piper’s Lament & The Job) – $12 (2 for $20)
Aug 13 (Fri): 7pm Out On The Edge – $15
Aug 14 (Sat): 7pm Blowfish – $20 (2 for $35) // 9:30pm Comedy Death Match A-Go-Go – $12 (2 for $20)

Purchase one ticket for both Blowfish & Comedy Improv for only $25

All events are taking place at 112 Princess Street (SJTC building) & tickets may be purchased at 112 Princess Street or reserved by phone at 652-7582.
For more information please visit

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The Do Stuff Group

I just joined a great group on Facebook.  My friend Sarah invited me to this local group dedicated to making sure that the summer doesn’t end with regrets.  You know the ones that I am talking about… the end of summer arrives and you ask yourself: ‘What did I actually do with my free time?’ or ‘Why didn’t I get outside and enjoy the nice weather?’  Well, this Uptown Saint John group called The Do Stuff Group will help you fill in great answers to these important questions.

Under info on this group, creator Jody Kliffer says:
Having survived the winter, it’s time for us to get together and enjoy the summer! I thought it would be a good idea to try to get people together every other week or so and do fun stuff together. We could make collective decisions on what “activity” we would want to do for the weekend and get together to do stuff. Some ideas from others that I’ve spoken about this have included soccer, ball hockey, hiking, camping, fishing, Ultimate Frisbee, dodge ball and soccer baseball. Whatever we decide to do, it would just be nice to get some exercise, hang out with friends, and have some fun.

So far the group has 58 members and plans weekend excursions on the group wall.  They usually convene on Saturday afternoons and try and find a variety of places to accomplish their activities.  To date (with 5 separate outings) the group has: played soccer-baseball and dodgeball in Seaside Park on the lower west side, went hiking in the Irving Nature Park, played soccer and tennis at Shamrock Park.  

FYI: This coming weekend, plans are in the works to get out and play ball-hockey somewhere in the city! 

If you are in the mood for some outdoor fun, I highly recommend that you check out and join this group on Facebook.  Who knows, you just might get to revisit those carefree days of youth with an activity that you haven’t even thought of playing in years. 🙂

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I hope that everyone reading this is heading out to at least one of the events listed below.  I know I have to speak with lil-sis and the rents about seeing Old Man Leudecke…  great line-up this year, so don’t miss it!

I have attached the full schedule below.  For more details on artists & venues visit

Thursday, July 8, 2010
Moose Light Tent on
Water Street
Doors open at 7pm
Dann Downes
Ross Neilsen
Friday, July 9, 2010  
Market Square Boardwalk
6 – 8pm
Owen Steel
The Belle Commedians
Moose Light Tent on
Water Street
Doors open at 7pm
Grand Theft Bus
Saturday, July 10, 2010
City Market
10:15 – 11:15am
Children’s Show featuring
City Market
Noon – 2pm
Song Writer’s Circle presented by Brent Mason and featuring
OLD MAN LEUDECKE with Jason Ogden & Babette Hayward
City Market
2 – 4pm
O’Learys Shot for a Spot Winners
Paul Forest
Next Noise
Matt Dylan Band
The Way Outs
Market Square Boardwalk
Noon – 8pm
Karen Lizotte & the Vibe
Andy Brown
English Words
Moonshine Ramblers
Teen Resource Centre (TRC) Stage at King’s Square Noon – 4pm Riot River
The Hads
December Fallout
Dalzell & Marment
The Ashleys
Lily Lake Pavilion
4 – 6pm
Lily Fair featuring
KAREN PALMER with Kendra Gale, Jaclyn Reinhart and Jessy Ashfield
Moose Light Tent on
Water Street
Doors open at 7pm
Jessica Rhaye
Justin Townes Earle

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It’s my birthday on Thursday!  UptownGirl SJ turns 27, quite the milestone.  And on a lesser note :), it is also CANADA DAY!  Yes, I share (not altogether begrudgingly) my birthday with the nation.  I look forward to this day every year.  It isn’t everyone who can say that people party for them from coast to coast and that they get fabulous fireworks to cap off their day!!  But UGSJ, you ask, what can I do to help you celebrate your special day?  Well, you are in luck because Saint John has another fantastic line-up of activities for you to enjoy starting with the Canada Day Countdown on Wednesday night.

For your holiday pleasure, here is the schedule of events (pulled from

Canada Day Countdown
June 30th – Boardwalk
Starting at 5pm

STILETTO STAMPEDE (in support of Coverdale Centre for Women)

Performances by:
Jon McKiel
Deep Dark Woods
Rose Cousins
Enter the Haggis
Ruby Jean & The Thoughtful Bees 
DJ Hawk 

July 1st Celebrations
Schedule of Activities


People Parade (From King Square) – 11:15am – Dignitaries, Color Party, Multi Cultural demonstrations/dancers, Fleaburn, Children’s Wish Foundation, Jeux l’Acadie Athletes, Cheerleaders – EVERYONE WELCOME!
Flag Raising (City Hall) – 12 noon
Speeches & Cake Cutting – Market Square Atrium


Rhoda’s Flea Market and Bingo – 7:30 am (Canada’s largest outdoor flea market)
Art in the Park – 8am
City Market – 9am – events all day long
Skateboard Competition – 12 noon – Winner Takes Home The Mayor’s Cup
Giant Homer Simpson Bounce Ride
Uptown Trolley Tours  – in front of City Hall (compliments of Aquila Tours)
Performances in King Square 12 noon
Zingaro Quartet
Jams, Spots, and Hospitals
Marmen & Dalzell
Monday Night Symphony
Riot River


Crafts, Face Painting, Cooking Decorating
Meet the Kool-aid Man, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Fleaburn
Danceability – 12:15 pm
Bob the Builder Show – 1pm
Bernard the Magician – 2 pm
Bob the Builder Show – 3pm
Iron Man Meet & Greet – 4pm

Canada Day at the NBM!
July 1, 10am – 5pm

Free Admission
Be a part of our country’s coast to coast celebrations!  Get a glimpse of New Brunswick’s history, shipbuilding, natural sciences, decorative and fine art. See full-size whale models! Visit the amazing permanent exhibitions, as well as new temporary exhibitions.


Giant Bounce Rides, ‘60 Tonnes’ Dump Truck Bounce, Multi Sport Bounce, Flying Guys, Euro Bungee (rain location Trade & Convention Centre)
Meet the Kool-aid Man, Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, Fleaburn
Atlantica Centre for the Arts – get your picture taken and super imposed into a 3D animated stage with a rock band made up of unique characters
YMCA Beach Volleyball Tournament – 9 am
Balloons, Bubbles, Sidewalk Chalk, Hoola Hoops, Tattoos
Canadian Village – each province will be represented with their provincial flag,, tattoos of each province and coloring pages
Iron Man Meet & Greet – 12:15pm
Water Street Dinner Theatre – 12:30pm
Zany Lane – 1:30pm
Iron Man Meet & Greet – 2pm
Marcus & Tim Show – 2:30pm
KidSing – 3pm
Stage 4 Blues Band – 4pm
Spilled Milk – 5pm
Enter the Haggis – 6pm
Kevin Chase – 7pm
Country Star Competition – 8pm
Uptown Ghost Gallivant – 8pm (Lighthouse near Hilton Hotel)
Fireworks Finale – 10:00pm
Kevin Chase Encore – 10:30pm


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COND-OH! Party with a Purpose

Mark it in your calendars folks, because are you in for a treat!

I am totally bummed that I can’t make it to this one, but don’t miss you miss out.  This month’s FUSION Party with a Purpose will focus on living uptown!  Actually, it is about owning uptown as opposed to renting, which I think is a trend that must gain in popularity.  I am passionate about this not only from an environmental and civic perspective, but also because the quality of life for us city dwellers is so much better than out in the burbs… the virtues of which I will extol at a later date.

So go ahead, learn about or celebrate uptown life by dropping by the courtyard of the new condos on King St. East.  There will be a bar set up, the new and popular 50/50 draw (last month’s winner walked away with $101 to spend on the rest of their Friday night) as well as a tour of this great new spot…  an alternative to “home” ownership!

THIS FRIDAY, May 28th, from 5:30-7pm @ Kings Court – 207 King St. East.

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Help clean Marsh Creek this Saturday

To all those civic-minded Saint Johners out there, and yes, I know you are out there:

This Saturday marks the 14th annual Marsh Creek Clean-up.  An opportunity to get together with friends and fellow city dwellers and do a little good.  It is amazing how much garbage can accumulate in a year’s time, and this year you can be part of the fun getting rid of it!  The 2009 volunteers found things like anvils and money as part of a total of 5 tonnes of garbage.  If you are moved to help out, registration for this great event is by Friday so that the organizers have an idea of the number of volunteers.  To register visit:

The following is an article published in yesterday’s Telegraph Journal about the festivities this Saturday:

This Saturday, a group of Saint Johners will volunteer their morning to help spruce up one of the area’s important waterways during the 14th annual Marsh Creek Cleanup.

“This is a popular event – a lot of our volunteers are people and families who come back every year,” says Canaport LNG’s Kate Shannon, whose company has hosted the event in partnership with ACAP Saint John for the last three years. “Getting people involved in cleaning up the community is a great way to increase awareness and environmental stewardship.”

The Marsh Creek Cleanup gives volunteers the opportunity to team up with family, friends and colleagues to make this area a little greener, but it also serves as the catalyst for a conversation on litter, why people leave their debris in areas like Marsh Creek, and ways to prevent litter at its source. The debris collected each year does not get there on its own, and starting the dialogue about who put it there and why, and more appropriate methods for disposal, is an important step in tackling this issue.

“Our hope is that participants will realize how important it is to take care of our community, and think about it next time they need to dispose of waste,” says Shannon. “We want people to be more aware of the waste people create and how they should dispose of it.” Increasing public awareness on the seemingly insignificant action of litter and how it impacts our environment and visual beauty of the city is a good first step toward changing individual behaviour when it comes to waste disposal.

Many of the issues that threaten our environment can seem larger than life, but working together to collect litter is something anyone can do, and if last year’s number is any indication, the result of this collective effort is pretty impressive: more than 210 volunteers collected about five tonnes – 92 shopping cards, 352 bags of garbage, 23 tires and loads of construction debris and other items.

Prizes are awarded to the team that collects the most garbage and the team that finds the most unique item, but all volunteers share the sense of accomplishment that results in seeing not only how much waste can be collected in such a short amount of time, but the difference in how the areas looks and feels because of it.

The 2010 Marsh Creek Cleanup will take place Saturday, 9 a.m. till 12 p.m., rain or shine. Volunteers should register by Friday. For more information, please visit

Claire Ryan is on the FUSION Saint John board. Reach her at

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