Winter Wonderful and Big Tide fun.

January 20, 2010 at 7:19 pm Leave a comment

Last night was a perfect night.  I got to revert to childishness and haul on my snowpants (slightly on the small side), two sweaters and my coat in preparation for a beautiful sleighride in Rockwood Park.  I know, that seems like a lot for the weather we have had, but I am not built for cold and I wanted to be prepared!

We arrived at the park at 8pm to meet our party by the big read barn.  It was great to drive by Lily Lake and see the die-hards skating by the glow of the floodlights from the Pavillion.  It really is beautiful since the renovations.

We met up with Hubby’s fellow residents and Dr. Dornan for the annual Internal Medicine sleighride.  It had just started to snow when we boarded the sleigh and there was hot chocolate passed around.  It was 45 minutes of absolute bliss.  We rode around Lily Lake twice and on the second pass saw a family of 7 deer crossing the frozen surface.

After the ride, four of us headed to the Big Tide Brewing Company for a drink.  We got there at the tail end of the Pubstumpers Trivia round, which is now much more subdued due to the strict rules on number of participants per team.  We listened to the last of the competition over beers (Hubby with his big Steiner’s Club Stein of Chocolate Porter) and nachos.

Great night.  Really great night.  Live life uptown!


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