My Terrific Tuesday

November 27, 2009 at 2:04 pm Leave a comment

Let me tell you about my Tuesday.  It has to have been just about the best work week evenings that I have had in a long time.

It started with a trip up the hill from KVHS with my husband at the end of the school day.  We, as well as at least 100 students, rushed up to the Hampton Rd. to watch the Olympic flame run by on its way to the festivities in Uptown Saint John.  Just beyond the Baptist church there was a hand-off that we were able to witness.  To get us excited, the Coke & RBC trucks pumped music and gave out promotional items as they went by.  The next bearer was dropped off at the exchange spot and was swarmed by well wishers and people desiring to hold the unlit torch.  As the impressive flame came up over the crest of the hill, surrounded by security and olympic vehicles, I had a flash of the last time I witnessed the torch run.  I was 5 years old and my dad ran the torch for the Calgary Olympics…  I have a picture of him and I (with my little candle torch) buried in a box somewhere, I’ll have to go looking for that.

After the procession was out of sight, Hubby and I rushed into town to hit ESL for some poster printing for Operation Red Nose.  Not super exciting, but Adam who works there was fantastic and found a way to get them done!

Following the necessary detour, we headed down to the FUSION gathering at Alley GriaAlley Gria is the new tappas bar located at 123 Prince William St. and if you haven’t been there yet, you need to do so…  pronto.  I will give the description of this place my full and undivided attention in an upcoming post but, suffice it to say, it just may well be my favorite new place to go!  This intimate gathering was an opportunity for FUSION members (as well as the general public) to speak with Premier Shawn Graham about the NB Power Sale.  The Premier spoke well and answered all the tough and intelligent questions brought to the table.  I must say that I feel more informed of the situation, and although I am as yet undecided of my stance, learned a lot listening to the dialogue.  Once the Premier left, a few of us stuck around the lounge and took in the great atmosphere of the place.

My next choice may be odd for some.  We thought about heading down to the Olympics celebrations (a block away), and in hindsight, it would have been fabulous.  Instead, we took in our second night of the  Pub Stumpers Trivia League at Big Tide Brewing Co.  This is an ingenious way to fill a restaurant on a Tuesday!  It is challenging and fabulously competitive.  8 rounds of questions, prize rounds & victory…  at least it is for “our” team (I use our loosely as I am not a regular member of the team).  The “Reach for the Tap” team is well on its way to random trivia glory!

After getting sufficiently riled up from trivia I poured myself, exhausted, into bed.  How fun!


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